Born 1958 in Canicatti (Sicilia), Eduardo Mulone moved to Turin as an eight-year old with his family. These two experiences, the real life in Sicilia with its ancient traditions and rituals in contrast to the rushing one in the big city and its cry for emancipation of the antiquate structures – both was impressing his inner life.

After school he began a vocational training as a hair dresser and took first guitar lessons. In the age of 17 he studied musical education and was a founding member of the „Laboratorio suono-immaginegesto“ in Perugia.

Were this early explorations in art mostly musical ones he later becomes more and more interested in action and theater. So he joined the group „Commidia dell‘arte“ under Matthews Burton, playing the „Harlekin“.

In the years 1986–1989 he was studying the style of the „Teater gestuali“ at the „Circo a vapore“ theater school in Rome. After joining many german and italian theater productions he founded the „Teatro Baraonda“ in 1993. Together with his life’s companion Beate Porkert he developed and performed numerous play for children.

With his two children he lives in Berlin.

Since the last years he more and more concentrates his activities in movie and broadcasting work. Beside this he engaged in synchronizing of foreign movies and in several audio productions, like museum guides, as a german and native italian speaker.